Uzzuri Deli- An Unforgettable Experience 


A positive and clean atmosphere assailed the moment I entered Uzzuri Deli last Saturday. It made me forget the sweltering heat and observe the simple and elegant ambiance that they have created.This chic European style café, located on Janpath is not very hard to locate and is hardly 10 minutes walk from Rajiv Chowk metro station.

Divided into two floors, Uzzuri is filled with warm wooden hues and yellow lighting. The moment one enters here, one would observe the mouth watering cakes and tarts kept in a glass counter and the wooden staircase which leads to the bar. After sitting at the deli on the ground floor for a while and absorbing the soft music and the vintage feel, we decided to take refuge at the bar section on the top floor which has an eclectic feel.
The canvas, the digital paintings and the geometrical shapes on the walls kept a leash on my attention.

After looking at the 4.8 rating on zomato, I had raised my level of expectations from Uzzuri and believe me, it didn’t disappoint me a bit. In fact till the end of our meal, I was looking for some error in what I had tasted for me to deduct points. But I can happily say that nothing really went wrong.

Their menu offers a variety of continental dishes that seem to have been perfected in terms of flavor and presentation and remains same for both the floors. Their bar menu too has a lot of options to choose from.

To set the palate right or to clean our palate, we tried out a few drinks which turned out to be very refreshing. We tried-

☆Lemon Ice tea- this was the first drink that we tried and it was simple and refreshing. The lemon did not overpower the mild flavor of the tea.

●Melon Delight- A drink that never goes wrong in summers, this watermelon cooler had a fresh hint of mint and was topped with candied ginger strings.

●Cucumber Mojito- the lemon along with the predominant flavor of cucumber with a hint of rum did wonders.

●Green Glory- a fairly strong cocktail with vodka and green apple juice, served in a martini glass and topped with a thin slice of green apple.

☆Saharan Martini- a concoction prepared with amarula cream and vodka and garnished with chocolate shavings. Even tho I was skeptical initially, it turned out to be rather good.

●Lentil salad- A superb and innovative take on the humble black lentil which are soaked in wine and served along with greens.
●Beet salad with feta cheese balls- greens tossed in a delicious dressing along with diced beets and served along with deep fried feta cheese balls.


Even though I generally don’t like to try salads, these were so good, that I would order them whenever I visit Uzzuri again.

●Jerk Chicken Tortilla- diced pcs of chicken with a flavor of cumin along with vegetables in a tortilla, topped with a lot of oozing goodness of cheese. The crisp tortilla, soft cheese and the bite of the veges was a great combination of different textures.
☆Chilly Garlic Prawns- prawns beautifully cooked with spices complemented the sweet tomato sauce at the bottom very well.

●Meatballs- 3 fairly big pcs of lamb meat balls which were very nicely spiced and served along with a thin slice of loaf bread and garnished with galangal on top.

●Tempura fried vegetables- tempura coated vegetables, deep fried till golden brown served along with sweet chilly  sauce. These were nice but not something great.

●Bruschetta- 3 pcs of Bruschetta with different toppings on top. My personal favorite among the three was the one which was topped with button mushrooms. The cheese and roasted peppers Bruschetta were nice too.


☆Farm Fresh Pizza- A thin crust pizza which was loaded with peppers, olives, tomato and mozzarella cheese, topped with arugula and spinach leaves for the fresh kick. Delicious.

●Cottage Cheese Burger Shorties- these turned out to be the best veg sliders that I’ve had. The patties were made of cottage cheese and had a crisp coating from the outside and were soft from the inside. It had tomato, cucumber and coleslaw along with the patty in the bun. They were served along with fries.

No meal is complete without desserts and from the moment I entered and saw the cakes and tarts, I was waiting for the sweet moment to arrive asap. We tried
☆Black Velvet Cake- Yes, you’ve read it right. Black and not red velvet cake. This super indulgent piece of dark chocolate heaven is sure to give you foodgasms. The dark chocolate along with the moist cake and a few hints of crunch were absolutely divine. While I am writing about this, my mouth is watering, Seriously.

●Waffles with maple syrup-even tho it is a part of the breakfast menu, we managed to get it in our lunch. The waffles turned out to be fair and nothing very extraordinary.

●Sticky pudding with Caramel sauce- This is only for those who like super sweet desserts. And I am not one of those. This pc of pudding was moist and covered with sticky caramel sauce to add on to the level of sugar.


☆Caramel Cake- A sinful pc of moist and creamy caramel cake with perfect amount of creme to add on to the silky texture. A must try for those who like simple flavours in desserts.

Overall, Uzzuri Deli is a place that offers everything, good food, great prices, prompt service and a soothing atmosphere.My lunch at Uzzuri has been an experience which has been etched as a memory and I will be reliving that memory again very soon.





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