Lights Camera Action- Bringing the world of Movies and Food Together 


We Indians love to watch masala movies which more or less have the same format- songs, dance, action and a happy ending and we never get bored of it. Lights camera action has encapsulated the essence of bollywood and has brought in a new wave in the world of regular restaurants by not following the similar format and by giving their own tadka to the regular dishes. Their USP being the use of molecular gastronomy.

Located on the third floor, LCA spans across two floors and has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating has a capacity of around 60 and the outdoor i.e air bar has a capacity of around 200. The spacious and well lit terrace is the place for all the party animals out there. The dramatic name is well justified by its quirky interiors with dim lighting, wooden hues, cushions with funny slogans and waiters wearing tee’s with famous hindi movie dialogues. Bole toh ekdum jhakaas ;-P
The Chef said that whatever comes out of his kitchen has some twist and these twists were indeed brilliant and well thought of. Right from the names of the dishes to their presentation, everything about the food and drinks was intriguing(even the tripping glasses).12030928_10207683589037858_7261060_n

The journey began with the complimentary KESAR PISTA LASSI SPHERES and RANGEELA CORN. Sitting on top of a metal box with fumes of dry ice escaping, these egg york shaped spheres burst immediately in your mouth. The mellow flavour of the kesar and pista along with mild sweetness was perfect to set the pallet. These were accompanied along with rangeela pop corn, the flavor of which changes everyday.
Following which came RAJNIKANTHS EARLY MORNING TEA which as a matter of fact is rasam with fried curry leaves as the tea leaves and powdered coconut oil as milk. So good, that thalaiva should himself try this asap.

Then came CHAMMAK CHALLO(not kareena kapoor), an orange and ice berg lettuce based salad which had the perfect amount zing in it. I generally never order salads, but this sweet and tangy blend of beautiful textures is one which I would order whenever I visit LCA next.12047752_10207683587917830_697858337_n
Before the appetizers arrived, came CHEMICAL LOCHA,which was a fruit based summer mocktail with liquid nitrogen and FROZEN CAPRIOSKA. They say alcohol does not have a freezing point, well LCA defies that rule and has come up this frozen concoction which is topped with mint foam and has to be had with a spoon. Brilliant indeed.
Then the chef came and prepared right in front of us ,the most talked about dish here, HOLLYWOOD NITROGEN PAPDI DHOKLA CHAAT. I was amused to see how he froze the curd, fried the dhokla in liquid nitrogen, added the masala gel along with fried spinach, potatoes, pomegranate seeds and the quintessential chutneys.
Following the chaat came BHIKU MHATRE KE VADA PAV. Tiny small vada pavs served with green chutney. The unique thing about it was the sweet tamarind chutney foam over it. I also enjoyed the SEV PURI CHAAT which had green chutney foam over it. LCA has taken the humble street food to another level. Cheers.


I was unable to try the non vegetarian dishes that they have to offer, other than their super famous KUKKAD KAMAAL DA. Soft and juicy pieces of malai tikka which are loaded with cheese. This dish was sinfully indulgent and after trying this, I wish to try all the other non vegetarian dishes soon.
My love for Mexican food was taken up by a notch with the dish named- PYAR TUNE QUESEDILLA. Crisp quesedillas filled with paneer which had an explosion of kohlapuri spices, served along with salsa and sour cream. Their take on the Italian pizza is a naanza (naan+pizza). The 3 idiots naanza was a bit disappointing as the base was a little chewy and didn’t live upto my expectations.

It was time to end the meal on a sweet note and alas it ended on a very sweet note. The final destination of our journey was BOLE TOH? An oreo rabri cake the flavour of which resembled chocolate barfi. The chef said that the rabri was actually healthy and wasn’t made of full cream milk and khoya. If you have a sweet tooth then this might be the dessert for you.

Overall, Lights Camera Action was without doubt an experience that that I wouldn’t want to forget anytime. The swift service, innovative and delicious food combined with a great selection of music, makes Lights Camera Action THE place for all the partygoers.The reason to give it a 4 and not more than that? I have revisit LCA to try the non vegetarian dishes and their other desserts as well. So as Shahrukh Khan says- Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost…


Food- 3.5/5



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