Smokey’s BBQ and Grill- a Gem in the Carnivore Heaven


Khan market is filled with a number of watering holes and this swanky eatery simply adds on the sparkle to this up class market.

Spanning across two floors, Smokeys BBQ and grill has definitely made its presence felt in the world of steaks and grills and is without doubt a gem in carnivore heaven. Famous for its unique drinks and hearty food, Smokeys is not a place to be

As I climbed up the wooden staircase, I observed the wooden wall with swords and armours and glass skulls; masculinity, justifying it being steakhouse. The first floor has complete indoor seating and the second floor has a well equipped bar with indoor seating and al fresco dining. The wall of liquors and the deer horn chandelier kept a leash on my attention on the second floor.
Whatever the preferences, customers will not be disappointed by the variety of drinks and dishes that Smokeys has to offer. They are known to offer around 60 labels of wine and over 100 spirit labels at great prices.

It was time to binge onto some guilty pleasures, the ones which won’t make me regret later.


We started with some delicious spicy coconut prawns that were served with a sweet chutney to balance out the dish. The spinach and ricotta ravioli in red sauce as well as with mix sauce were delicious but among the pastas, my favourite was the Smokeys style Spaghetti. It was the simplicity of the dish that we had fallen in love with and ended up ordering one more. For sure a must have. Loaded potato skins and zucchini fries were fair, not something that I would want to order.
An appetiser that should not be missed by any vegetarian visiting here is the yellow chilli marinated cottage cheese skewers. Cottage cheese and bell peppers marinated in yellow chillis and grilled till char marks appear, rendering a smokey flavour to the dish. Yum. Their lamb kibbeh were juicy and flavoured to perfection and were served along with creme cheese dip.

I couldn’t miss onto their burger and hot dog sliders. In the burger sliders, my personal favourite would be the lamb and bacon slider and among the hot dog sliders, I would recommend the spicy chicken hot dog. Since I am not a beef person, I wouldn’t be able to comment on that.

Even after all this gluttony indulgence, on recommendation, I ordered their herb marinated Australian lamb chops. 12oz grilled lamb chops with fresh thyme and served with mash potatoes and herb tossed vegetables. Lamb fan? This is it.
When visiting Smokeys, it would be a sin if you don’t order their drinks. Fearing the god of spirits, I ended up trying most of their signature cocktails. The first thing we tried even before our meal was Royale or Crème de cassis ravioli. Their take on molecular gastronomy, these egg york shaped shots burst immediately in your mouth. Another molecular invention included the Deconstructed watermelon capriojka. A watermelon based concoction with mint air foam. I enjoyed the wine based drink, mimosa mimic and the bourbon based drink, classic sour. Two drinks that have to be ordered, come what may, if you come here are the melon sangria and lock, stock and smokin barrel, Period.

Alls well that ends well and to end a meal well, desserts are indispensable. I was way above cloud 9 when I tried their apple crumble pie and banofee pie. If you like dessers which are on the sweeter side, then don’t miss onto their white chocolate paffee with pistachio and dark chocolate. Even tho I was really looking forward for their mud pie because the one that I had tried before in their GK outlet was phenomenal. However, here it was very disappointing and didn’t even have ice cream over it. Sad.
Overall my experience at smokeys was a good one. It has good music, brisk service, good food and a variety of drinks, adding up to an experience worth living again. It is definitely a place where you can catch up with friends over a few drinks and a hearty meal.


Food- 4/5

Service- 3.5/5



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