Kebab Gali- Reviving Old Recipies

Some tastes are made to leave an impression and kebabs, if marinated and cooked perfectly, feel no less than a celebration of flavours in ones mouth, leaving one with a desire to have more.

Kebab Gali, a restaurant that aims to deliver the authentic age old recipes, which are passed over generations, at a price which does not dig a hole in ones pocket, has opened its third branch in Malviya Nagar.
After having tried both the vasant kunj and the yusuf sarai branch, it was time to try their Malviya Nagar branch. This time, instead of visiting the new branch, I chose to order food instead. Though skeptical of ordering kebabs at home, thinking that they would get spoiled, I was relieved and satisfied with the packaging.

For the starters, I had some delicious dahi ke kebab. The tinge of sweetness in the kebabs went well with the contrasting spicy green chutney. The galauti kebabs are my pick at Kebab Gali and I couldn’t resist, but order these rich in spices and melt in mouth galauti kebabs. Even though I love my humble chicken tikka, I had the humble garlic chicken tikka instead and didn’t regret a bit. Tender morsels of chicken, marinated in mild spices and garlic, cooked in tandoor, this was certainly the highlight of my dinner. Without halting for a second, I jumped onto the mains. I like my chicken in mains too, but their lal maas is one dish that I cannot afford to miss. The tender mutton in a deep crimson gravy had a riot of flavours in my mouth which made me fight to have the last bit of mutton left with my favourite roomali roti. The humble dal makhni can never go wrong with a laccha parantha. Their speciality, Awadhi Biryani, can give any biryani a run for its money. Cooked in a earthen handi, the fragrant layered rice are served along with a spicy salan, which takes the biryani to a whole new level. I had this along with the raita to help mellow down the spiciness, and thereby make it a well balanced dish all together. After all this gluttony, I ended my dinner with the warm and soft gulab jamuns. A dessert that becomes my favourite in cold winter days.

Overall, my first home delivery from Kebab Gali turned out to be nice and I would certainly order food from here more often.

So if you wish to order some authentic kebabs and delicious gravy items, sitting comfortably in your house in winter days, you know that good food is just a call away.


Food- 4/5

Value for money- 4/5



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