Time to ‘Getafix’

With changing culinary trends and a lot of new restaurants opening up, a need was felt to provide something different and unique, something that doesn’t compromise on the palate, but certainly compromises on the calorie intake. This need is being catered by Getafix, a small cafe located in GK M block market which is all set to drown you in guilt free indulgence.

The minimilistic interiors with muted tones of yellow and blue combined with warm hues of the wooden furniture lend a clean and fresh character to the entire space. The little things like the book shelf (which they call the tree of life), the little watering cans with plants on each table, the wall with sticky notes on top, all add a bit of quirk to this fuss free cafe.

As stated by the owner, the food could either be healthy or could be made in a healthier way, at Getafix, they chose to be the later ones. And this is something that can proven by their menu which offers all sorts of dishes that are overflowing with guilt. Offering a blend of healthy food items like salads and smoothies to items which are made in a healthy way, like fish n chips, pizzas and burgers, Getafix is sure to please every tastebud with their own unique twists.

A few days back during the evening, indulgence began with a variety of delicious smoothies prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables. But the one that clearly stood out was the khal strawfo fix which is prepared with mango, strawberry and basil. Next flew in the well balanced shrimp salad which had a beautiful blend of different textures. Their take of fish and fries which are air fried and not deep fried is interesting, healthy and delicious while the sweet and spicy bbq chicken wings can give any other chicken wings a run for its money.

While choosing the best between the turkey n chicken sandwich and grilled chicken burger, it was the simplicity of the grilled chicken burger that caught my attention. Grilled chicken breast which is juicy and cooked to perfection, topped with tomato salsa and placed in a wheat bun. I’d never imagine a burger without cheese, mayo and deep fried chicken, unless I am here. The lasagna though had nice flavours going on, was a bit on the dry side. A little more sauce and the dish will be good to go. The popoye pizza would be my pick. Thin crust pizza topped with sweet corn, spinach and the perfect amount of ricotta cheese, making this one of my favourites from the menu. Since I don’t mind fusion food, I enjoyed the mix mushroom and the shrimp pasta. While the mix mushroom pasta has a thai style sauce with predominant flavour of lemongrass and basil, the shrimp pasta is prepared in basil pesto sauce. Their handmade spaghetti pasta is somewhat similar to noodles, so be prepared to taste something different.

After all this gluttony (guilt free), it was time to dig my fork into sweet surprises that came in a big try with small servings of all the five desserts that getafix has to offer. While my palate wasn’t willing to adapt to the pumpkin cake, it certainly found some delicious alternatives. Be it the dense and yet not dry carrot cake or the moist vanilla pound cake with orange syrup. The showstoppers would definitely be the lime pie and sugar free brownie. The smooth and velvety lemon curd in contrast with the crunch of the digestive biscuit layer was no less than wonderful and the sugar free brownie was so good that I couldn’t help myself, but to order another piece of the decadent choco beauty.

Overall, if you wish to take a break from calorie abundance while not wanting to compromise on the taste, you know where you should head on to. The swift service combined with an ambiance that makes you want to take your laptop and do some work or simply catch up with friends, along with good food makes Getafix a place that shouldn’t be missed.


Food- 3.5/5

Value for Money- 3.5/5

Ambiance- 3.5/5

Service- 4/5

Getafix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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