Y.O.L.O 21 Cafe- When you’re on a budget

In a line– A cafe serving delicious food without burning a hole in your pocket.

Cuisine– Italian, Continental

Price for two– Rs. 800(approx)

Nearest Metro Station– GTB Nagar

Must Haves- Mocha Glacier Shake, Fish and Chips

Eating out at Cafés in Delhi can turn out to be a rather expensive affair, unless you are in North Campus, in which case you’re in for a treat and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

With a lot of swanky eateries springing up, GTB nagar is no less than a paradise for foodies on a budget. Good food, low prices and quirky ambience at these cafés makes them a hit amongst the college-going crowd which aches for a departure from the long and boring lectures.

One such cafe, that meets the three quintessential elements of a good restaurant i.e. good food, quick service and clean ambience is YOLO 21(You only live once). Situated in the GTB nagar market, YOLO is not hard to locate and is at a walking distance of 5-10 minutes from the metro station.

The fuss free interiors are marked by hues of brown and creme with a lashing of a few pastels here and there, while the quirk element is added by the exposed red bricks, quotes of famous people and sticky notes(as remarks by students) on the walls. The open kitchen, whereby you can look at your drool-inducing food getting prepared is what earns Yolo a brownie point.

The menu revolves around continental and Italian cuisine, the mainstays of a cafe. For the heath freaks, there is an option of salads and soups while for the easy goers(like myself), there is just about everything that one can crave for in a cafe. From nibblers to pastas and pizzas to their in-house made desserts, there is something to satisfy every palate.

My sojourn at YOLO a few days back had started with a glass of deliciousness that came in the form of a thick Nutella Shake. I paired it with a big bowl of their signature chicken nachos which were loaded with chunks of spicy chicken and veggies and were topped with ozzy cheese sauce(finish nachos as soon as they arrive or you’ll end up with soggy nachos because of the cheese sauce on top).

I prefer my fish to be crumb coated and not battered in fish and chips, and fortunately enough, they serve crumb coated. Crisp and golden fried chicken fillets along with fries and tartar sauce had raised my expectations from yolo and hence, more order had to follow. After devouring the fish and chips, I went back to the shakes menu and got myself a happy treat in the form of Mocha Glacier. Chocolate, coffee and ice cream, blended together tasted like heaven in a glass and made my 1.5 hour travelling to GTB nagar all worth it.

My weakness for pizza forced me to order the YOLO 21 pizza and cottage cheese delight(you can choose to divide your pizza in two halves with different toppings). Thin crust pizza loaded with stretchy mozzarella cheese and toppings made me guilty, but nonetheless, satisfied. Yolo 21 is going to be chicken lovers delight. Sizzlers turn out to be a fancy affair and yolo has somewhat nailed it. I tried the peri peri prawns sizzler and enjoyed the prawns and the sautéed vegetables that accompanied it, but felt that the mashed potatoes could be a bit more buttery and smooth.


While my hunger pangs had subsided and felt full, craving was desserts had to be fulfilled. Confused between banoffee pie and chocolate truffle cake, I decided to settle down with my weakness, chocolate. Dark and dense is how I define my chocolate truffle and the one I had at Yolo lived upto my definition of it.

Overall, my lunch on a Sunday afternoon turned out to be a successful affair with good food and swift service. So if you wish to save a buck without wanting to compromise on the quality of the food, then YOLO 21 should be given a try..because after all -‘you only live once’.


Food– 3.5/5

Service– 3.5/5

Ambience– 3.5/5

Value for money– 4/5

YOLO 21 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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