Sushi at your doorstep- Sushi Junction 

In a line- Delivery only outlet for Traditional and Fusion Sushis in Guragon.

Cuisine– Japanese

Price for two- Rs.1000(approx)

Must have- Kidney Bean and Katsu Curry Sushi


Originating in Japan, sushi is a food preparation that dates back to at least the second century AD that consists of rice, raw/cooked sea food or vegetables and is something that is traditionally eaten with fingers, in one or two bites. 

Despite its popularity, this Japanese delicacy happens to be one of the most misunderstood dishes in our country. While the palate is widening and the willingness to try new and different dishes and cuisines is at an all time high, most of us are unaware of what sushi is and hence, we have a tendency to avoid it while scrolling across the menu at a restaurant. 

Inspite of knowing the fact that Indian foodies think of sushi as raw fish/smelly/bland, the people behind Sushi Junction, a delivery based outlet for Sushi in Gurgaon, went ahead with the idea of introducing sushi to the Indian palate.


With their aim to share sushi culture with the world, Sushi Junction is offering a range of fresh and premium sushi options that are curated as Authentic, International and Local favourites. Using Indian ingredients like mutton rogan josh and rajma in sushi might sound weird but is surely going to blow your mind even if you are a fan of the traditional salmon or tuna sushi. Another interesting way to eat sushi is with their sushi rolls that you can have on the go(Certainly something great for those who’re in a rush!).

Other than some great selection of sushi and sushi rolls, Sushi Junction also offers appetisers and sides to ensure that no person goes unsatisfied. The limited menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options is going to help you choose easily without getting confused or spoilt with choices.

Tuna Sushi

I went ahead to try one sushi each from the three different ranges that they have. My affair with sushi had to start with the authentic and end with their localised sushi. While I thoroughly enjoyed the simple and traditional tuna hosomaki, the bright orange coloured California roll filled with sweet crab meat, cucumber and mayonnaise, without any doubt had an upper hand. But it was the localised sushi that completely stole the show and made me recommend this to approximately everyone with whom I’ve had a word about sushi.

California Roll

Filled with Indian herb flavoured kidney beans or rajma, the Kidney Bean Curry Sauce futomaki is highly recommended. Served along with warm katsu curry, this combination is so epic that I couldn’t share a single portion of it.

Kidney Bean and Curry Sushi

After having tried these, I am all the more motivated to try their Rogan Josh and cottage cheese sushis. My tryst with sushis was no less than a great experience, one that I shall be experiencing again very soon.

I’d appreciate if they could introduce a few Japanese(or localised) desserts in the menu, for us to end our meals on a sweet note.

Overall, with sushis that could please a Japanese having all the expertise of a great sushi to an Indian who hasn’t tried a sushi ever, Sushi Junction is probably the best delivery option for great sushis at a price that is not going to burn a hole in your pocket.


Food– 4/5

Packaging– 4/5

Value for Money- 4/5

Sushi Junction Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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