En- Let’s embrace the food of Japan

In a line- The best that Japan has to offer!

Cuisine- Japanese

Price for two- Rs.2500(approx)

Nearest Metro Station– Qutab minar

Must haves– Yokohama punch, salmon roll, qutab roll, ramen

Whether you’ve got hankering for some sublimely fresh sashimi or sushi or are craving to drown into a steaming bowl of miso or ramen, En- The Japanese Restaurant will leave no stone unturned to fulfill your desire of having a great Japanese food experience.

Located away from the hustle bustle of the city in Mehrauli, En is the ideal retreat for those who seek refuge in nature and scenic beauty. Enjoy the company of a loved one while overlooking the magnificent view of the towering Qutab Minar or get ready to unwind a hectic day with a few drinks inside the cosy restaurant that boasts of elegance and simplicity.

The interiors are inspired by warmth and vibrancy and the decor has been kept minimalistic. Hues of amber and crimson pervade the entire place and thereby render a cosy environment which is perfect to enjoy a relaxed meal. If you want to soak in the sun or dine under the stars, you can choose to sit on either of the three terraces or you may instead sit inside the restaurant in one of the private dining areas or in front of the live teppanyaki counter where you can devour food as soon as its made.

If sushi’s are what you crave, then you’ll be in safe hands of the chef who crafts sushi’s into beautiful ornaments ready to be binged onto. A few sushi’s will just not suffice. From traditional to international and fusion, there are sushi’s for every palate.

Binge onto the gorgeous California roll which has the balance of the sweetness of the crab meat with the pungency of the avocado. The golden orange fish roe(eggs) make this sushi worth an eye. It’s vegetarian counterpart is equally delicious and has the crunch from the asparagus and the sesame seeds. Their specialty, Qutab roll should not be missed and goes beautifully well with the spicy mayo and the wasabi mayo. Fried can never go wrong and hence, the chicken kar-age roll becomes a must have for fried chicken lovers. The crunch of the tempura fried chicken inside the sushi is, though unusual, amazing. Whereas if you prefer salmon, then the two way salmon roll is going to become an addiction. Sushi stuffed with salmon and topped with salmon, the outer one being cooked using a blow torch and the one inside being raw. Drizzled with loads of mayo, this can be the best that they have to offer.

The new addition of the live teppanyaki counter will keep you hooked to some amazing dishes. The chicken and leek yakitori have a nice balance of sweet and sour, and the succulence of the chicken paired with the soft crunch of the leek, make it a must have.

Don’t forget to add a bit of zing to your meal with the Yokohama Punch, which is a concoction prepared with cranberries, guava, basil and vodka. And if you have an adventurous palate, then the wasabi mary, their version of the bloody mary, can be the drink for you. While the sakura blossom, made with sparkling wine and cherry blossoms, is a delicate drink that pairs along well with sashimi and sushi, the peach martini, made with umesha, a traditional Japanese liquor made of fruits, is going to top the list for those who like to go an extra mile.

For the mains, you could either opt for some drool-inducing udon noodles or some flavoursome garlic fried rice. But going to a Japanese restaurant and not ordering ramen will be no less than a sin. A hearty bowl full of deliciousness, the noodles along with the packed full of flavour broth, are going to keep you occupied till you finish the entire bowl. Sharing is not going to be caring here!

While ending meal with Ramen can be a good option, but if you have room for a few desserts, then En wouldn’t leave you disappointed in that regard too. Devour the fluffy chiffon cake that simply melts in the mouth or take a dare to try the rather unusual and delicious green tea ice cream. Chocolate can never go old when it comes to desserts and hence, the moist black bean chocolate cake will be perfect to fix the endless choco-cravings.


Food– 4/5

Service– 4/5

Ambiance- 4/5

Value for Money– 4/5

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    Fabulous read….your words paint the picture !!


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