Go beyond sushi and ramen at Guppy

In a line: An eclectic and quirky restaurant serving authentic Japanese delicacies.

Cuisine: Japanese

Price for two: Rs. 2800(approx)

Location: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Must haves: Mango and tuna sushi, prawn gyoza, BBLT ramen burger, takikomi rice.

Dunk yourself in a bowl of hearty ramen or binge onto some delicious sushi or add a bit of crunch with tempura or simply enjoy a chargrilled yakitori. Known for precision and balance of flavours, Japanese cuisine is majorly based upon use of fresh produce and this is one of the reasons of it being a pricy affair at most of the restaurants.

Japanese food is slowly catching up with our Indian palate as we see a few stand alone Japanese restaurants popping up, offering some delicious delicacies from the land of rising sun.

Guppy(Earlier known as Guppy by Ai) is one place which should come to your mind when you think of Japanese food in Delhi. Located in Lodhi Colony Market, Guppy is the perfect place to either unwind after a hectic day or to simply enjoy food and drinks on a weekend brunch.

Enter the arched door and you’ll get teleported into a cosy and quirky restaurant that will surely impress you by the very look of it. From the pop shades of orange and pink along with the undertones of green and brown to the lion fish with rice bulb chandeliers to the Japanese kokeshi dolls and a fountain of tea kettle and washbasin, everything here lends a chic and contemporary character to the space.

The menu is as eclectic is the decor and offers a variety of dishes to binge on to. From salads to sashimi to sushi to ramen burger and desserts, there are dishes to please every palate and leave no one disappointed.

Last weekend, the degustation at Guppy started with tomato, edamame, ginko nut and konjac jelly ceviche. The overall flavour of the tomatoes was highlighted by using different types of tomatoes and the unusual konjac jelly made me march my chopsticks towards this salad over and over again. Next came in the smoked pumpkin salad that was well balanced texturally. I enjoyed the crunch from the pumpkin seeds and the sweetness from the green apples, though I’d pick tomato salad over the pumpkin one!

Then came in the prawn gyoza and mushroom gyoza with soy. The juiciness of the prawn gyoza is what made it my favourite, though the mushroom counterpart was equally good. Visiting a Japanese restaurant and not having sushi would be a sin and without committing any sins, I charged at the summery mango and tuna sushi, which had tempura crisps to add a textural element. The black rice california roll didn’t really have as many flavours and didn’t please my palate as much as the tuna roll.

Known for their ramen burgers, I tried their chicken tsukune ramen burger and BBLT ramen burger. Two crisped up ramen patties used as buns, topped with kewpie mayonnaise, cheese and patties, the ramen burgers are indeed a must have but can become a messy affair when sharing. The pork belly and bacon ramen burger was the undisputed winner.

My overall favourite was the mushroom takikomi rice. Japanese sticky rice, slow cooked with mushroom, dashi and vegetables, this rice dish came with 2 condiments and a spicy red sauce to pack in the punch to this risotto-seaming dish.

The meal concluded over petit four, which had a selection of red velvet pastry, chocolate truffle pastry, rocky chocolate crunch and skewered fruits. The red velvet came across as being the best amongst the others and hence, I couldn’t help myself but to order another portion of it.

Confession: While the overall experience in terms of food and ambiance was good, the servers were a bit confused and the service took time. Will certainly come back for their other specialties very soon.


Food: 4/5
Service: 2.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

Guppy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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