New address for delicious sushi and dim sums: Yum Yum Cha

In a line: Offering the best dim sums and sushi in town, Yum Yum Cha opens its second branch at Cyber Hub.

Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese

Price for two: Rs. 2500(approx)

Location: Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Must haves: octopus takoyaki, cantonese veg dimsum, volcano sushi, scallop sashimi, banoffee sushi

Steaming hot dimsums paired with a delicious sauce, freshly prepared sushi with wasabi and soy or a bowl full of noodles drenched in flavours. If asian delicacies have your cravings tied in a twist and you’re ready to show some of your chop stick skills, then you are in for a treat at Yum Yum Cha.

Encapsulating vibrancy and quirk, Yum Yum Cha exudes a energetic vibe where you can come and enjoy some authentic Japanese and Chinese delicacies and go back with an experience that is certainly worth sharing. Offering simplistic and fuss free interiors washed down with white, the pop of quirk and colour comes with the origami elements played throughout the outlet, be it at the entrance, walls or even the ceiling.

A place where the service favours the hare more than the tortoise, Yum Yum Cha has friendly staff that is anxious to please and will surely give you some good recommendations to take you across their menu that offers a number of dishes to choose from, so much so that you might feel spoilt for choice. The menu is as creative as the decor and comes with illustrations of the dishes, which helps to give some idea of how to dishes are going to be like.

After glancing over the menu and having drooled over most of the illustrations of the dishes, I decided to start my degustation with some dimsums. While I enjoyed the flavoursome prawn curry dimsums and chicken and chilly oil dimsums, by themselves, my adventures palate opted for barbecue pork bun with crunchy chilli oil sauce and pink crab dimsum with chilli jam. Even though the non-vegetarian dimsums were good enough, the delicately wrapped vegetarian dimsums didn’t fail to impress me. Be it the spicy asparagus or cantonese veg, both were delicious in their own decided decadence.

I paired the dimsums with their colorful and flavourful fun bottles, that are interesting sweet concoctions that will keep you going through your meal. Even though their best selling is thai orange and kafir lime, I would opt for their pomegranate and ginger or black magic(coke mixed with ginger and lime) fun bottle.

A went ahead with the authentic octopus takoyaki, which are deep fried balls of egg and flour that are topped with Japanese mayonnaise and have are crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. Simply put, these were absolutely delicious and I would come back to YYC for these specially (If you’re not willing to go an extra mile, opt for the chicken or cheese and pepper version of these).

Without putting my chop sticks to rest, I quickly pounced at the sushis. I opted for the volcano sushi, that as the name would suggest, a volcano of flavour with the tuna, scallop, ponzu and spicy mayo. The dynamite sushi had a crisp prawn tempura wrapped in rice and topped with salmon and spicy mayo. They say that veg sushi is not as good, but I can vouch that they are equally good with YYC’s enoki tempura sushi that had crisp enoki mushroom with the freshness of cucumber and an hint of truffle oil.

Under the sashimi section, I stuck to my all time favourite yellowtail, but enjoyed the tuna sashimi as well. The best however, was the scallop sashimi, that was topped with cod roe and mayo.

The Japanese pizza is very enticing in their menu and hence, I ordered and devoured the pecking duck pizza that had a thin and crisp base and had thin slices of roasted duck topped with hoisin, crunchy onions and fresh micro greens.

Their shakes are a great for munching during conversations and are basically fried vegetables or meat, tossed with a sauce in a transparent jar in front of you. My pick would be the prawn and calamari shakes!

After binging onto a variety of dishes from their menu, I was stuffed to the edges and had to give up on the mains. Fortunately, I have an extra stomach for desserts and hence, I tried their infamous mochi ice cream. Wrapped in a sticky rice flour casing, these ice creams are indeed a must have. The not-so-sweet macha flavour will please a person who loves his tea(I do!) and the safest bet is going to be the rocky road that packs a punch with chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, the belgain chocolate cheesecake is a slice of heaven that one can experience here but if you’re a fan of banoffee(I am) then their banoffee sushi, made with chocolate cake rolled with banana, caramel and ice cream is going to make to go yum yum yum…

Confession: Highly impressed with food, service and ambiance, Yum Yum Cha is one place where I would never get tired of coming back again and again.


Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Yum Yum Cha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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