50 Shades of Dim Sum at Kylin Premier

In a line: An ongoing dim sum festival at Kylin Premier celebrating the spectrum of authentic dim sums.

Cuisine: Asian

Price for two: Rs. 1500(approx)

Location: T-302, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall,Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Duration of festival: Till end of August

Must haves: chicken dimsum in red curry, lamb thai ginger dim sum

There is something very alluring about the tiny parcels, filled with meat or vegetables in a translucent casing, either steamed or fried or both, called Dim sums, that makes us crave for more and more.

So if you’re one who is craving to dig into a variety of authentic dim sums, then head on to Kylin Premier, to satiate all those hunger pangs with an option of 50 dim sums.

Located at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Kylin Premier boasts of it’s authentic Asian delicacies along with the simplistic and chic interiors that are marked by hues of wood and crimson.

Bringing its patrons the best of Dim Sums with their festival named: 50 Shades of Dim Sums, Kylin is all set to take you across some delectable dumplings that will surely make you drool. From classic(Rs. 199 for 3 pieces) to Royal(Rs. 299 for 3 pieces) to Premier(Rs. 399 for 3 pieces), Kylin is offering the entire spectrum of dim sums, from rolls and baos to wontons and curried dim sums.

The best part about gorging on to dim sums is that inspite of being full, you wouldn’t feel over fed or filled with guilt. And this is something that I experienced myself, when I decided to give 50 shades of Dim Sum a try a few days back. I opted for a mix of dim sums from all the three sections, classic, royal and premier and waited for the surprises to unfold one after another, each delicious in itself.

While the five spice veg kothe and rainbow vegetable crystal dumplings were indeed packed with flavours in the vegetarian option, the broccoli waterchestnut crystal dumping didn’t live upto the mark.

The non-vegetarian dim sums were the highlight and easily overshadowed the vegetarian counterparts. Be it the prawn wrapped in spinach leaf roll or the translucent prawn Hargow made with rice flour or the juicy prawn XO, each of them tasted equally good, making it difficult for me to pick a favourite. I enjoyed the crab Singapore style dimsum as well, but it was the unusual chicken dimsum in red curry and the juicy lamb thai ginger dim sum which came across as the best amongst the lot. The warm and mellow spiced chicken wonton soup that followed after all the dim sums, was comforting and could be a nice light meal in itself.

I ended my meal on a sweet note with another dim sum named chocolate wonton. Stuffed with snickers chocolate and deep fried, these golden and crispy wontons came with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce, making it the perfect dish to end my meal.

Confession: Overall, 50 shades of Dim Sum at Kylin is a great way to dig into a wide variety of authentic dim sums under one roof and is certainly very promising. The service was a tad bit slow, probably because of the fully packed restaurant in the evening, but that still didn’t dampen the entire experience. Since this would run only till the end of August, it’s time to make the best of it!


Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5
Value for money: 3.5/5

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