Visit Parallel for an unparalleled experience!

In a line: Newly opened restaurant in Khan Market offering Modern Indian food.

Cuisine: Indian, Continental, American

Price: Rs. 2000(approx)

Location: 12, Khan Market, New Delhi

Nearest metro station: Khan market

Must haves: Beetroot bhaji tacos, beetroot and chickpea sliders, textures

Offering a truly gastronomical experience to food connoisseurs, fusion is now in fashion and offering something different has become the need of the hour.

Amongst the plethora of restaurants in Khan Market, one newly opened restaurant has dared to change the mindset of those who think that fusion is confusion.

Parallel, serving modern Indian food is tucked away in the middle lane of Khan Market and is all about geometry and minimalism. Take the flight of stairs and you’ll enter the 40 seater restaurant that boasts of simplicity with it’s fuss free interiors. Wooden picnic tables, a set of parallel lines running across the walls, yellow coloured cushions and a quirky bar with geometric lighting are the things that mark this place.

The extensive menu offers a variety of small eats, salads, burgers, mains and desserts, each with some interesting twist. Roast pumpkin soup with kaffir lime prawn roulade was a hearty velvety smooth soup, that I could have at any point of the day. Those conscious of calories can opt for the texturally balanced spinach and arugula salad with sherry vinegerette. Koshambir, a salad commonly prepared in Maharashtrian households, was taken up a notch with some deliciously spiced pulled chicken, sev and papad. Pulled pork wasn’t far and was served with crunchy red onions in a thepla taco that had a hint of fenugreek. While this paunchy pig taco tasted nice, the vegetarian counterpart, beetroot bhaji tacos stole the limelight. Served in the same thepla but with curd and boondi over it, this is one dish that’ll make me come back here again.

Being a craft kitchen, everything is in-house, even their sauce, syrups and breads. The burger sliders flew in and were devoured on sight. While the lamb sliders were nice, the vegetarian beetroot and chickpea sliders were preferred. Not only do you get potato fries, but a kick of health is also served with some salad alongside the sliders.

If you’re in a mood to have something more fulfilling, then you can opt for Paneer Sukkha. Though I loved the rich dry paneer gravy with laccha parantha, it’s place on the menu is what is confusing as it didn’t have the element of uniqueness like other dishes. The pixar style ratatouille is a fresh and delicious layered dish that was prepared by layering khus khus, aubergine, zucchini and bell peppers, topped with parmesan shavings.

Desserts haven’t taken a backseat here and the chef has gone all out to come up with some unique flavour combinations to tease our sweet tooth. Masala Chai V.2.0 is a deconstructed chai dessert with rusk crumble, masala chai ice cream and ginger cake slices. Alas, my palate couldn’t accept it and the ice cream seemed to be more like a sorbet. Sea salt caramel or creme brûlée was a subtle and chic dessert with velvety smooth texture being contrasted by the crunchy burnt sugar top. However, chocolate is how I define desserts and hence, textures is the dessert for me. Basil ice cream enclosed in a chocolate dome served along with fruit coulis, chocolate soil and hot melted chocolate to pour over the dome. Chocoholics are sure to be more than satisfied with this chocolaty goodness.

Confession: With soothing background music, swift service, chic ambiance and interesting modern Indian food, Parallel is a very promising place to visit for a great time. Though the citrus whisky fish was a bit too sweet and shrikhand mascarpone mousse felt unappetising, the other dishes overshadowed the little jitters with a few dishes and made my meal a memorable one.


Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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