The best coastal food restaurant in Delhi: Sana-di-ge

In a line: Bringing authentic flavours of the coast to your palate.

Cuisine: Coastal, North Indian, Chinese

Price for two: Rs. 2000(approx)

Location: 22/48, Commercial Centre,Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Must haves: Chicken ghee roast, anjal gassi, elaneer payasam

Flavours that tantalise the palate, aromas that are mouth watering and irresistible, produce that is so fresh that it leaves you craving for more, Coastal food in India has a plethora of ingredients and spices that make it so distinct and delicious.

The general notion associated with coastal food is that it comprises of seafood and coconut. Proving this wrong and offering a rich variety of dishes from the coastal belt of Karnataka and the western ghats, Sanadige is here to give Delhi-wallas a taste of authentic coastal food.

Sanadige in tullu dialect refers to a brass lamp which is lit on special occasions. Standing true to its name, if you’re looking for a place to lighten up your day with some delectable offerings, then this is the place to visit.

Spanning across three floors, Sanadige at Malcha Marg is a 120 seater stand-alone restaurant from MRG group, a bangalore-based hospitality firm. Done up in hues of brown and yellow, the interiors of the restaurant are inspired by warmth and vibrancy along with lashings of grandeur and tradition.

The menu offers an exquisite selection of coastal dishes, along with North Indian and Chinese food (because Delhi-ites!). I chose to stick with their coastal specialities and relied on what the chef thought would be the best, and didn’t end up regretting a bit.

My culinary journey across the coast of India began with some delicious mellow flavoured prawns in butter pepper garlic sauce that I paired along with a delicate tender coconut mojito. Then I transitioned into a more flavourful dish, mushroom pepper fry. Tossed with fried curry leaves and black pepper, this dish went well with ping pong mocktail, prepared with fresh pomegranate, raspberries and cranberries. Then arrived the crimson coloured and fiery looking chicken ghee roast that even though looked super spicy, it actually had a beautiful medley of spices and is without doubt a must have. The pomfret masala fry consisted of an entire pomfret, slithered with a mix of mangalorean spices, was devoured on sight.

After giving myself a dose of health with a glass of digestive kokum kadi, I jumped onto the main course that was enticed with flavours and deserved an applaud for turning out so good. Be it the delicate anjal gassi, a fish curry prepared with spicy red chillies that were mellowed down by coconut milk or basale kadale curry, a black gram, spinach and tomato based curry, everything went merrily well with the sana-di-je bread basket that consisted of an assortment of neer dosa, moode, poondi and appams.

Sweet surprises waited just around the culinary corner and it arrived in the form of a gorgeously decadent elaneer payasam. Though not a very big fan of coconut, this dessert turned out to be so good that I didn’t want the toothsome dish to ever end. A great departure from the customary chocolate laden dessert and without doubt a must have. I couldn’t have asked for a better dish to end my overall superlative experience at Sanadige.

Confession: Sanadige surely knows how to present a serene aura with neat dining. Delicious food paired with chic interiors and swift service from the cherry picked staff, everything all together changes a simple meal at Sana-di-ge into a beautiful experience that is worth sharing.


Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5

Sanadige Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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