Say hello to Delhi’s first Malaysian restaurant: Jom Jom Malay

In a line: Delhi’s first all-Malaysian restaurant at the newly revamped Ansal Plaza.

Cuisine: Malaysian

Price for two: Rs. 1500(approx)

Location: Ansal Plaza

Must haves: Laksa, rendang, coconut cheesecake

Rice noodles doused in a rich and creamy soup of a laksa, falling off-the-bone meat in the spicy rendang, skewers of grilled meat of the satay or the layered roti canai that resembles a malabari parantha, Malaysian food is replete with flavours and textures, which we in Delhi, are not fully aware of.

There are plenty of restaurants offering Chinese, Japanese and Thai delicacies, but Malaysian cuisine didn’t find itself in the limelight, until Jom Jom Malay came into picture to offer Delhi-wallas a taste of authentic Malaysian food.

Located on the ground floor of the newly revived Ansal Plaza, Jom Jom Malay has a playful vibe, which makes it the perfect destination to unwind after a hectic day at work or simple relax over the weekend, as you binge on to some drool-worthy Malaysian favourites.


I chose to stick with the chef’s recommendations, and was rewarded for my choice, in the form of some great dishes. Lamb rendang, duck kaya and chicken laksa baos were amongst the first to be devoured. The high on flavour and spice, lamb rendang bao would be the undisputed winner.

Skewered satays were next to follow, which were accompanied along with some peanut dip and onion and cucumber sambal. While I couldn’t appreciate the vegetarian sate, the seafood sate i.e. udang(prawn) and ikan(fish), have been added to my bag of must haves at Jom Jom.


Served with 9 accompaniments, the coconut milk-based laksa is a hearty and wholesome meal in itself, the portion size of which is good enough to feed two hungry souls. For the mains, it’ll be a sin, not to order a portion of rendang with roti canai or roti jala. An explosion of flavours paired with tender morsels of chicken, accompanied with some crispy and layered roti canai, the combination is not something that should be missed at any cost.

My tryst with Malaysian food couldn’t have concluded on a better note, without the elegant and delicious slice of coconut cheesecake. The freshly grated coconut over the cake was the perfect cherry on the cake, and inspite of not being a very big fan of coconut, I ended up finishing the dessert, all by myself.


Confession: Overall, my meal at Jom Jom Malay turned out to be no less than a culinary experience. Swift and attentive service, neatly done up interiors and praise-worthy food, make Jom Jom a must visit!


Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Value for money: 4/5

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