Get a taste of Thailand at Honk, Pullman | Thai Food Festival

In a line: Gorge down the best of authentic Thai delicacies at Honk, Pullman.

Cuisine: Thai

Price for two: Rs. 2500(approx)

Dates: 1/12/2017- 10/12/2017

Location: Honk, Pullman, Aerocity, New Delhi

Must haves: Fish satay. pomelo salad, tom yum, jasmine creme brulee, chilli and lemongrass ice cream.

A symphony of sour, sweet, salty, spicy and bitter, Thai Food is a celebration of fragrance and flavours, and that’s what makes it a favourite of mine. Think toothsome appetizers, fragrant sauces, and creamy and rich curries. Every delicacy of this beautiful cuisine is a juxtaposition of flavours and ingredients, which may not work together when thought of, but end up in harmony, when combined in the right proportions.

Knowing how to balance the ingredients plays a pivotal role in delivering an authentic Thai dish, that Chef Pook, from Pullman Bangkok, is able to deliver with finesse in the form of delectable dishes at the ongoing Thai Food Festival at Honk, Pullman, New Delhi.

Chef Pook has flown in from Bangkok, only to offer a piece of her culinary magic to Thai food-lovers in Delhi, till 10 December. The festival will showcase a beguiling array of dishes prepared by the ever smiling, Chef Pook, who was good enough to give me a run through of the dishes that are at the disposal in the menu.

The quintessential satays, pad thai, tom yum, som tam at al adorn the menu at Honk, along with a couple of interesting options, which make Honk, a must visit before 10th of this month.

My meal commenced with the golden fried vegetable spring rolls that I dunked in sweet chilli sauce, and with the classic satays, that were demolished in no time with peanut dip. With a great melange of salads available in Thai cuisine, one shouldn’t miss on to the salads here. Be it the sweet, spicy, salty and sour som tum i.e. raw papaya salad or the basil flavoured, larb gai salad, that is prepared with minced chicken. Though if I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be the pink-hued pomelo salad with crispy shallots, which gave the palate a sweet and tangy kick.

Mains at the Thai Food Festival at Honk

The intoxicating mix of lime and lemongrass in the spicy Som Yum soup made it perfect for a winter evening, where a bowlful of this wholesome soup could suffice for a meal. But since there were some great food options to explore, I chose to not get a refill of the soup. The mains were beckoned with the palatable pad thai, over which I squeezed the juice of half a lemon to accentuate the flavours. Instead of the traditional steamed Thai fish, I got to taste its fried version, which obviously didn’t end up disappointing. The aromatic green Thai curry with creamy coconut milk was paired with fragrant jasmine rice, only to make an undisputable combination of deliciousness. Khao Pad i.e. rice tossed with vegetables and egg was inviting, despite being simple. In between, I nibbled on to the sweet banana chips, that added an element of crunch to my plate.

My meal at Honk was stamped as successful, thanks to the two desserts that I chose to end my meal with. Upon asking the Chef of her favourites in the spread, she redirected me towards the jasmine tea creme brulee and chilli and lemongrass ice cream. Adhering to her picks, I opted for both, and I am glad that I did. The mellow scented jasmine creme brulee was velvety smooth and the crunch element came from the brulee on top. The piece de resistance was crowned to the unusual chilli and lemongrass ice cream, the flavours of which grew on me, the moment I had the first bite. Taking another scoop of it was inevitable, even though I was full.

Confession: With just 5 days remaining, the Thai Food Festival at Honk is something that every Thai food-lover should make the most of. The ever-smiling Chef Pook will be more than willing to run you through the menu, thereby, making your choices easier.

PS: Two Couples Stand a Chance to Win a 3 Day Trip* to Bangkok including Return Flight Tickets of Thai Airways and 2 Nights Stay with Breakfast at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. Make a reservation now and get going!


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