Arrttd’inox at Elle Decor India Design ID

Environment and surroundings certainly play a pivotal role in setting the stage right for an act. This holds true even when it comes to the humble task of preparing a meal and that’s what the people behind Arttd’inox are working towards, setting the stage right for you to make the best of delicacies, without any hassle.

With a whole world of straight-line, sleek, contemporary stainless steel modular kitchens at disposal, Artt’dinox has at its helm, the motive of improving the functionality of the most important parts of our homes, the Kitchen. This decade-old brand from the house of one of the biggest stainless steel manufacturer Jindal Stainless Limited pays attention to elegant, fuss-free and chic modern kitchens and kitchenware.

Spotting a place at India Design ID, the country’s most definitive design and home decor held at NSIC Grounds in Okhla from 22nd to 25th February 2018, Arttd’inox showcased its signature kitchen that was inspired by Europe’s notable Art Nouveau. The kitchen setup redefined creativity and was marked by ornate mirrors, modern lamp shades, custom-made planters, floral arrangements, mirror TV, wallpapers enthused by hues of violet, thereby, redirecting attention from the drawing room to the main centre stage of the house.

The presence of Masterchef Kunal Kapoor at the event simply added on to the entire experience that Arrtd’inox has to offer. Watching Chef take over the kitchen and whip up some enticing salads and getting to know how sauces play a quintessential role in just the flavour profile of the food but in the overall presentation of the dish, turned out to be a good heads up to receive. Chef Kunal told us how negatives look more visually appealing on a plate. how sauces could be played around to improve the presentation and how the same dish can be played around with, to make it look completely unique and different. I was always under the assumption that steel plates don’t do justice when it comes to presenting a dish, but thanks to Chef Kunal, I learned how it’s not important to have muted tones or matt finish plates to make it look appealing.

At the exhibition, Mr Tomy Sebastian, CEO of the brand said, “Life is changing at a rapid pace and every room in a household reflects that change. The kitchen is one of the zones that traditionally upholds binding force for the family by offering the right food for health and happy families. We at Arrtd’inox strive to offer an experience to cherish each day that’s just an ideal mix of modern kitchen infrastructure”.
To which Mrs Deepikka Jindal, Executive Creative Director and MD Arttd’inox & JSL architecture limited, further added, “Arttd’inox has always upheld a royal aestheticism that blends contemporary styles with pristine charm. It exudes classic essence juxtaposed with modern conveniences. The exhibition offers an ideal platform to showcase this unique artistic prowess.”


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