Value for Money on Point at Market Cafe Sunday Brunch | Hyatt Regency, Delhi

In a line: A-la-carte format adopted in a Sunday buffet spread.

Cuisine: Indian, Asian, Continental

Price for two: Rs. 2500(approx)

Location: Market Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Must haves: Kebab platter, mutton biryani, waffle with banana caramel ice cream.

Isn’t it impossible to resist having just one more slice of pizza or just one more ladle of your favourite curry on the plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet spread? The temptation is hard to resist but the outcome might be a pile of food glancing at you for not having finished it!

To repel you from having the guilt of having wasted food, Market Cafe, the all-day dining at Hyatt, Delhi, brings to you the spread of an entire buffet in an a-la-carte format, for you to pick and pay only for what you please.

From salubrious salads to flavour-explosive chaats to succulent and flavourful kebabs, the menu ensures that no palate goes dissatisfied. The kebab platter consisting of a variety of vegetarian/non-vegetarian kebabs, according to me, is something that you wouldn’t want to miss on to, and nor should you evade the live counters whipping up great dishes like sliders, savoury pancakes, keema pav et al.

But that’s not where it ends, a myriad selection of Indian and continental mains await to woo your taste buds, making it a Sunday like no other. Whether you find comfort in a simple dal with roti or whether you fancy biryani and curries, the Chef has left no stone unturned to cater to anybody and everybody.

Desserts might be served in the end, but are the soul of the meal. And at Market Cafe, an only-dessert buffet is something that you can enjoy at just Rs. 500! The lavish affair comprises a variety of gelatos and ice creams and tarts and waffles and pastries and cakes. For me, desserts are, either way, the highlight of a meal and the desserts buffet has to the highlight at Market Cafe.

Now, buffets might be boon for people with a good appetite, but if you’re calorie conscious or just don’t eat as much or if you’re in a rush, a buffet is not worth spending on. But with the pricing slashed down on the a-la-carte dishes paired with the opportunity to save food and get value for money all at the same time, the Sunday Brunch at Market Cafe becomes something that everyone should look forward to!

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