A Gastronomic Odyssey at The Roseate | Part 2


High Tea | Kiyan
After screening through the property, we headed back to Kiyan for High Tea. Offering the best and nothing less, the after tea showcased the finest luxury tea brand in the world, TWG. The two varieties of tea that awaited our presence were Vanilla Bourbon and Jasmine Queen tea along with some appetising hors d’oeuvre prepared by Chef Anand.

While the jasmine tea was calming, it was the Vanilla Bourbon tea, a variety of red tea that I’d lean towards. With no caffeine whatsoever, the tea had a delicate aroma of vanilla and an undertone of bourbon, making it a favourite to be had with a simple grilled vegetable sandwich with raw mango chutney prepared by the chef. The chocolate cookies, almond cookies and macarons, too, were binge-worthy.

Cocktails | IAH Bar
With sun fainting setting in, we headed to their eclectic bar, IAH. An Egyptian term that refers to a crescent moon, the bar has the noticeable arch along with curved ceiling and wall., living up to its name.

Done up in bold red, violet and blue colours, the bar has an indoor and outdoor seating. making it the perfect place for a place to party or a place for tête-à-tête with friends. Having a menu with a long list of spirits along with some praise-worthy concoctions, IAH would be an ideal place for a fun-filled evening.

Dinner | Chi Ni
After drinks, we headed towards the Chinese-speciality restaurant at The Roseate, Chi Ni. Elucidating the concept of “Chinese food from the heart”, Chi Ni has imbibed the essence of the Michelin-starred restaurant, Kai Mayfair in London. Housed in an 18-feet tall cream canopy atop a manicured hill, the one-of-its-kind restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating in a chic and fuss-free setting. Touting panache, the restaurant is done in cream and warm wooden hues, garnished with seamless tablecloths and elegant cutlery. Perfect place for a romantic rendezvous with your loved one, Chi Ni was my last destination of the adventure-filled day at The Roseate.

The dinner sojourn began with a simple and hearty bowl of hot and sour soup and then trickled down to appetiser platter that consisted of dim sum, blanched spinach with sesame paste, lettuce cups and wasabi shrimp and prawns. The lettuce cups filled with minced chicken, sesame and green onion have to be the undisputed winner.

Being one of the few very few restaurants offering mock meat in India, Chi Ni has a vegetarian menu with shrimp, fish and chicken as subheads. The vegetarian 3 chilli chicken could easily give its non-vegetarian counterpart a run for its money. This paired with the elegant ginger fried rice came across as a combination that I would always fall back upon while visiting Chi Ni.

Having an infamous sweet tooth, I always have the tendency to flip to the last page of the menu to pick the dessert that I’d want to conclude my meal with. But that isn’t something that I needed to do at Chi Ni. Taking a rather unconventional approach, Chi Ni has kept the first page for desserts for you to begin your meal on a sweet note. Now whether it is revolting to you or not, whether you plan to order your dessert first or at last, the one dessert that you cannot miss at any cost is the Senses of Chocolate. A dessert that no chocoholic can resist, the sensual Senses of Chocolate dessert made with 53% couverture chocolate and comprises of chocolate soup, chocolate pearls, chocolate candy, chocolate microwave cake and chocolate parfait. This dessert by the tenacious and humble Chef Anand Panwar turned out to be the pièce de résistance of my meal. Pursed with pure passion, the dessert was an absolute embodiment of deliciousness and there couldn’t have been anything better to conclude my gluttony-filled journey at The Roseate!

With top-notch service, a sprawling serene ambience, restaurants that speak volume and a bar that touts class, it is very easy to say that the people behind The Roseate are well aware of the term “flawless”.

Know more: Here
Address: Samalka, NH-8, New Delhi, Delhi 110037
Phone: 011 3355 2211



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