Experiencing Influenced Indian Food at Orza

In a line: Capturing the essence of Persia, Awadh and Kashmir with a modern take on Indian food

Cuisine: Modern Indian

Price: Rs. 1500(approx)

Location: Ansal Plaza, Khel Gaon

Must haves: Beetroot and yoghurt kebabs, Nadru kofte, saffron ice cream

Bringing something new to the table to satiate the evolving palate of the current consumer has become the mantra for a restaurant to thrive in today’s market, which is being barraged with new eateries opening every day. And one such attempt has been successfully made by Orza, an Indian-influenced restaurant.

While everyone would have had a tryst with fusion food, Orza, is bringing Indian-influenced food to the culinary scene, by offering dishes that draw hints from Awadh, Persia and Kashmir, while maintaining the flavour profile.

Tastefully done interiors are marked by hues of brown and blue that run through the entire restaurant, a well-equipped bar and a beautiful open kitchen housing a wood-fired oven, that dishes out fresh and oh-so-good breads in a matter of seconds.

The menu comprises of a variety of drool-inducing dishes that one cannot afford to miss. Topping that list would be the crisp and golden brown beetroot and yoghurt kebabs. Crumb coated, the beetroot kebabs had a yoghurt filling inside, had a mellow undertone of cardamom and was served with a quenelle of yoghurt. The usual seekh kebabs, prepared with lamb, were taken up a notch with the oozing cheese stuffing inside. A little sumac and fresh flatbread on the plate gave it the middle-eastern touch.

Kandhari Mutton
Kandhari Mutton with Tamiri Roti

For mains, kandhari mutton is one dish that one cannot miss. A fiery red curry, with a slight sweetness, prepared with onions, tomatoes and garam masala, having succulent, falling-off-the-bone mutton shank, served with tamiri roti. And if you’re a vegetarian, look no further than the nadru kofte. Deep fried lotus stem dumpling, that can be had just by itself, steeped in a rich tomato and yoghurt curry, served with zuta bread. A dish so good that it could give its authentic counterpart a run for its money.

To seal the deal and conclude a beautiful meal at Orza, the Persian saffron ice cream: Bastani Akbar Mashti would be the perfect fit. Rich and creamy, studded with pistachios, the saffron ice cream would be a great pick for desserts. But, if like me, you incline towards chocolate, then the chocolate fondant is what you should end your meal with, on a happy and sweet note.

Saffron IceCream

Overall, my meal at Orza turned out to be rather good. A beautiful culinary journey marked with some great dishes that were presented impeccably, swift service and chic ambience, made my visit an experience, one that you must definitely experience, too!

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