Get your dose of quirk at Duty-Free Bar, Gurgaon

In a line:  The perfect place to catch up with friends over good food and great drinks!

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Price for two: Rs. 1200(approx)

Location: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Must haves: DF Signature salad, dim sums, Boss’s special fish, sharabi chicken, daulat ki chaat

If regular is not what you desire, then this is the place for you!

After successfully testing waters in Delhi, Duty-Free Bar has set footing in Gurgaon {a strong one at that}.
Opening its doors in the ever competitive brewing hub, Sector 29, Duty-Free bar, in the short span of its opening, has already got people talking. While I couldn’t pay a visit to their outlet in Rajouri Garden, owing to the vicinity, I visited the Gurgaon outlet last weekend and I can happily say that I didn’t regret a bit.

Touting sass in its interiors, with the backdrop of groovy music, the restaurant was packed around 1 when I arrived. Which, by itself was a testimony to the fact that they are doing something right. The quirkiness of its interiors is also seeped in the menu, that offers an eclectic range of delicacies, ensuring that no palate goes unsatisfied.

Confused on what to order, I handed over the reins to the chef to bring forth some of his favourites from the menu. Ensuring that no stone was left unturned, the chef presented me with an array of dishes, each competing to be better. While all of them were superlative, there were a few that stood out from the rest, making me ache to go back and try them out again. Oddly enough, one of them is a salad. A course that is, more often than not, overlooked, their Signature Duty-Free salad, prepared with lettuce, apples, oranges and candied nuts, isn’t one that you’d want to miss out on.

The vol au vons, both vegetarian {done with mushrooms} and the non-vegetarian one {chicken} are perfect to be paired with either one of their eclectic cocktails, or better, with their freshly brewed beer {Do try the strawberry beer}. You may skip the typical nachos and opt for the unique nachos pizza, that’s topped generously with cheese, salsa fresca and sour cream. Adding a bit of theatre, the sharabi chicken: morsels of succulent tandoori chicken, flambeed, is a stellar rendition of typical chicken tikka. But if that’s not what you fancy, they’re doing a wholesome and hearty Indian main course, that’ll leave you drooling.

To conclude a beautiful meal, a beautiful dessert always needs to be in play, and fortunately, the people at Duty-Free have ensured that you leave on a beautiful sweet tooth, by offering a beautiful dessert menu. Given my weakness for chocolate, the brownie and ice cream stuffed chocolate dome, topped with melted chocolate, has to be a pick, but somehow, it was the light and fluffy, Daulat ki Chaat, our very own desi mousse, that I’d like to bet my money on!

Daulat ki Chaat
Daulat ki Chaat

Confession: Overall, I left with a stuffed belly, loaded with calories along with a big smile on my face 😀


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