Chlorophyll Menu at Sorrento, Shangri-La

Celebrating the pigment that aids our very existence, the Chlorophyll Menu at Sorrento, an award-winning Italian restaurant at Shangri-la, New Delhi, aims to bring forth the beauty of Italian delicacies with all the goodness of greens.

The moment we hear “greens”, our mind automatically inclines towards salads, and the asparagus salad served at Sorrento, is one dish that you should definitely incline towards. Blanched asparagus with white truffle oil, mascarpone sauce and chard, served along with a crisp flatbread for crunch.

Herb tortelli, which appears like a work of art, comprises of green-hued tortellis, filled with potato and quack cheese, served with spicy spinach and green tomato, drizzled with an unusual asparagus and vanilla sauce, deserves to be appreciated.

My favourite dish would have to be the simplest amongst all. A chic homemade spinach spaghetti tossed with herb oil and topped with grated parmesan. Clean. Green. Delicious.

Fret not, the menu, though concise, caters to the non-vegetarians, as well, featuring a beautiful roasted lamb loin, that’s coated with herbed bread crumbs and is served with spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and peas.

Green, even percolates down to the desserts, with a panna cotta and pistachio and truffle gelato at disposal. The panna cotta has an explosion of mint and basil, with a mellow undertone of ginger and star anise. And the gelato, which may come across as slightly off in the first bite, has a tendency to grow on your palate after a couple of bites. So much so, that another round would seem a viable option.

Go and enjoy this Chlorophyll Menu at Sorrento till 14th August. Hurry!

Stay Chill and Say Chlorophyll


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