Til Khoye ke Laddoo | Recipe

While the majority of the people make sesame laddoos on Makar Sankranti, we make them on Sakat Chauth or Tilkut Chauth.

In my family, the day is marked by offering a simple mixture of roasted sesame seeds and jaggery to Lord Ganesha. After the pooja, a part of the sesame and jaggery mixture is consumed as prasad, while the remaining mixture gets mixed with khoya to make these delicious laddoos.

All you need are 3 basic ingredients: sesame seeds, jaggery and khoya, to make a batch of these laddoos, which when stored in an air-tight container, kept in the refrigerator, will easily last you over a week, that is, if you can resist having them in one go.

You can add elaichi powder, or dried fruits to your liking, or maybe have them just how we make them, without any additional flavourings or ingredients.


1 Cup Khoya
1 Cup Roasted Sesame Seeds
3/4th Cup Grated Jaggery

Time: 20 mins


1. Dry roast sesame seeds and give a quick blitz in the blender. Make sure to not powder the sesame seeds.
2. Using a greater, grate the jaggery.
3. In a bowl, combine roasted and blitzed sesame seeds along with grated jaggery. Keep it aside.
4. In a pan, put khoya and cook on low heat till it softens. Remove from heat and cool it down for 5-6 mins.
5. Put jaggery and sesame mixture in the khoya and mix properly. Now divide this mixture into small little balls and make your khoya laddoos.


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