North Indian food with a global touch: Punjab Grill Tappa

In a line: Overlooking world cuisine with North Indian food as its base. Cuisine: North Indian with a twist Price for two: Rs. 1800(approx) Location: Cyber hub, Gurgaon Must haves: Ice tea thandai, tandoor grilled broccoli and button mushrooms, chaamp tajdar, haleem khau suey, jalebi churros with malai rabri Succulent pieces of mutton burrah, spicy…

Muttonseekh taka tak and chicken curry is all you need from Currywala & Co

In a line: Order yourself some delicious North Indian and Mughlai food. Cuisine: North Indian Price for two: Rs. 800(approx) Location: Hauz Khas Must haves: Taka tak mutton seekh, chicken curry, chicken dum biryani Now that Navratras are over, it’s time to indulge into some succulent kebabs, spicy curries and aromatic biryani. But what if…

For when you’re on a budget: Lemon Drops

Whether you’re craving for some spicy gol gappas, fluffy bhaturas, buttery pav bhaaji, Indian-ised chinese or fulfilling North Indian food, this place is well equipped to satiate all your cravings.

Mughlai food cravings? The Last Mughal comes to rescue!

You come back home after a monotonous day at work and you’re hungry or tired or both. Cooking isn’t your forte and you crave for some hearty Indian food. That’s when this newly opened delivery-only outlet will come to rescue to fly your hunger pangs away.

Hungry and on a budget? Head to phonebooth cafe!

In a line: A phonebooth themed restaurant serving multi-cuisine food. Cuisine: Cafe, North Indian, Italian, Chinese Price: Rs. 800(approx) Location: G-14 B, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar, New Delhi Nearest metro station: GTB Nagar Must haves: Blueberry pie shake, chinese chaat bucket Low on budget and hunting for a place to eat, drink and enjoy with friends,…

Imbibing the essence of a chor bazar: Chor Bizarre

Chor Bazaar, literally translating into “thieves market”, finds a place for stolen goods being sold at rock bottom prices. While I cannot be sure if you can actually find “stolen” things, if lucky, you can grab some beautiful antique artifacts, furniture, carpets and what not!

Unwind a busy day with food, drinks and hookah | Elation

Whether you’re in search of a casual diner, where you want to catch up with a few friends over drinks and hookah or if you wish to unwind a hectic day at office with some wholesome and delicious food, Elation might just turn out to be a great option.

The best coastal food restaurant in Delhi: Sana-di-ge

Flavours that tantalise the palate, aromas that are mouth watering and irresistible, produce that is so fresh that it leaves you craving for more, Coastal food in India has a plethora of ingredients and spices that make it so distinct and delicious.