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Karan Food Fanatic

On a quest to try every cuisine that this world has to offer, drink every wine that exists under the sun and demolish the best of desserts on this planet, Karan Tripathi, with his food blog, shares his experiences, good or bad, of fancy fine-dining restaurants or humble street food eateries, of food festival or food events, of food in Delhi and that of places around the world where he travels.

With an inclination for exploring, one by one, from fancy luxury hotels to dime-rate hostels, from places frequented by travellers to hidden gems, he aims to bring his world of travel, food and cooking on a single platform for his audience.

Find him in his kitchen ‘cooking’, ‘exploring’ new places to eat, ‘clicking’ all things delicious and ‘eating’ whatever he fancies. Making the four terms: cooking, exploring, clicking and eating, the four pillars of his “Blogger Life”.