Kama- Rajasthani Food Fest

Known for its glittering jewels, vibrant culture and colorful cities, Rajasthan is sure to find itself on every travelers must visit places in India. The land of the Maharajas has much more to offer than the scenic beauty of lavish palaces and forts.
Just like every other state of India, Rajasthan offers a distinct cuisine, which is influenced by the climatic conditions.
Known for the use of spices, ghee and milk products in cooking, Rajasthani Food finds its way in my list of favorite cuisines.

To savor the delicacies of this region of our country, I happened to pay a visit to Kama, a restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel, Kaushambi, for the Rajasthani Food Festival that is currently running till 6th December. This dim lit restaurant is known to serve traditional Indian Recipes which have been passed over generations.

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My journey in the land of rajasthani gastronomy took off with Pani Puri. Though not a rajasthani street food, the puri was filled with Choorma, a delectable dessert from Rajasthan, while the pani was actually guava juice with Til seeds and sekhampuri red chilli powder on the rim of the shot glass. Next came the rich in spices Mass Ke Sule or Mutton Kebabs, which went well with the fresh green chutney that came along with them. The Bhutte Ke Kebab were well presented and came on top of a tawa with pineapple and mustard chutney. The kebabs were filled with a bit of cheddar cheese, which even though sounds unusual tasted great. But it was the unique Pineapple and Mustard Chutney that stole the show and became the hero of the dish.
Next flew in the Shorbas. While the Murg Udaigiri Shorba had subtle flavours and almost water like consistency, the Makai Ki Rab, accompained along with ker sangri, was thicker and had powerful flavours.
Presentation of the dishes was indeed beautifully executed and well thought of.

Next flew in the mains which made me feel no less than a Maharaja himself. A huge tray with an array of dishes to satiate all my cravings for some good authentic Rajasthani Food. The Rajasthani Thali at Kama is the best way to taste a bit of everything that their menu has to offer in the mains.


Started my gluttony with Lal Maas along with Bajre ki roti. The lal maas was not as spicy as I would have expected it to be, but was perfectly cooked. The Jungli Maas was well cooked with whole garam masala, but my favourite would be the Murg Ka Mukul, which was cooked in a rich cashew nut gravy. The Matka Makani Saag went well along with the ghee dripping Makai ki Roti.
I was a bit disappointed with the Dal Baati as it did not accompany the quintessential sweet element, Choorma along with it, which made the meal somehow incomplete.
Ker Sangri and Bajre ki Khichdi, both of which tasted authentic, were also a part of the Thali.

The last lap, which certainly is the best, flew in, the desserts. Started with Khubani aur Paan ki Kulfi. The falooda combined delicious paan kulfi, which had a predominant flavour of Gulkand, tasted delicious. The next dessert that came apeared unusual as it was covered with a white chocolate dome. The chef broke the top of the dome which became a vent for the smoke to escape. The smoke had penetrated in all the three layers of the dessert, which comprised of Choorma, Malai Ghevar and Lal Mohan or Gulab Jamun stuffed with dry fruits. If you have a big sweet tooth for Indian desserts, then you might want to dig into this dessert.

Overall, the soothing ambiance combined with the backdrop of live ghazals and some delectable Rajasthani Dishes, made my dinner at Kama a success and travelling for around 2 hours (one side) didn’t seem to go in vain.
So if you wish to experience the colorful culture of Rajasthan through their culinary offerings, then don’t forget to pay a visit to Kama before 6th December.


Food- 3/5

Service- 3/5

Ambiance- 3/5


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