Delhi NCR’s largest Food Court at The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida

It isn’t the easiest thing to pick a place to eat when you’re either not sure of what you should eat or if you’re simply wanting to eat multiple cuisines or dishes, that for obvious reasons, aren’t available at a restaurant.

That’s when the Food Courts in shopping malls come into the picture and act as an abode of culinary offerings, perfect to satiate every palate. That’s the reason why it is impossible to find a space to sit during busy hours in a mall. But to my surprise, this wasn’t the case with the beautiful Grand Venice Mall in Greater Noida. Harbouring Delhi NCR’s largest food court, be assured that you’ll easily find a spot to sit and munch on to all the deliciousness that you crave to demolish. Wheather you’re on a lookout for burgers or pizzas, Indian food to Italian, healthy or calorie-laden, no stone has been left unturned at this architecturally magnificent mall, to ensure a memorable visit.

Though food might come across as the sole reason for me to pay a visit to the mall, there are plentiful reasons, that are beyond food, which would make me revisit The Grand Venice Mall very soon.

The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida
The Grand Venice Mall, Greater Noida

Its opulence and regality make it more of a tourist destination and that sets it apart from any other shopping mall that I’ve ever been to. The place captures the essence and charm of Rome, that’ll teleport you to the beautiful lanes of Venice without a passport or visa. The attention to detail is remarkable and that’s what made my visit to the mall a truly memorable one that I’d want everyone to experience once.

The grandeur of Rome has been captured impeccably by installing elements like the statue of the Great Emperor Julius Caesar, the majestic wish-granting Trevi fountain, the distinguished leaning tower of Pisa et al. But it has to be the gondola ride that I was ecstatic about. Clad in traditional garb, singing Italian melodies and rowing through the man-made canal inside the walls of the mall, the world famous gondola boat rides of Venice have made their way to India in the walls of The Grand Venice Mall.

Shopping comes across as a pre-requisite but given that The Grand Venice is not just some mall around the block, it actually has focussed on entertainment as a whole, offering its patrons, more than just shopping and eating. The mall boasts of a movie theatre with Cinepolis, a gaming or arcade zone featuring bumping cars, virtual cricket and horror house, amongst others, and a playland with rides and swings for kids.

With small flea markets adorning the mall over the weekends, you know where you can head on to, for shopping, food, fun and entertainment, with family and friends, alike.

Know more about it here:

Address: Plot No SH3, Site IV, Near Pari Chowk Block B, Industrial Area, Sector Swarn Nagri, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308

Hours: 10:30AM–10PM

Phone: 0120 478 4075

PS: The famous play by Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, is played in the most poetic manner, every day at the mall, and is not something that you’d want to miss on to.


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